Are you looking for ways to grow your blog audience and build relationships? You’re not alone. Many of our clients working to promote their organization’s blog and related news or events call us for help. One of the easy lifts we suggest to them is cross-posting, or swapping online content with like-minded organizations in order to raise visibility.

The benefits of content swapping, include:

Recently, we had a chance to foster a cross-post between two youth-focused clients, Playworks and Reclaiming Futures that achieved impressive results. The organizations wanted to build awareness about a cause important to both, an anti-bullying campaign called Unity Day. The blog swap resulted in new readership for the two organizations and also, a common funder, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, promoted the swap on its Facebook page, further enhancing exposure. All in all, the swap was a success!

Ready to jump in? Start by identifying a partner. Look for organizations that:

  • Are like-minded
  • Have a target audience you seek
  • Could be considered a complementary cause

Have you identified the partner? Move the idea forward:

  • Choose a topic relevant to both audiences
  • Propose the idea (along with a timeline) to the blog editor

If your proposal is accepted, use these tips for publishing the content:

  • Submit a draft and allow extra review time since you’ll likely work with multiple editors
  • Link out to each organization within the blog post
  • Acknowledge the relationship on the blog: “This post also appears on XYZ Blog.”
  • Tag the organization in any social media promotion you do for the swap

Even blogs with built-in audiences will see viewership grow from such a swap.

Have you swapped content with other organizations? What happened?