Editor’s Note: David’s post is the second in a Thanksgiving inspired series of posts we’re sharing this week about communications tools-big or small-we’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for YouTube because it disrupted much more than just online video sharing: it actually sparked the entire user-generated content movement, giving nonprofits a powerful new way to tell their stories without needing huge budgets to do so.

Before YouTube there were video-hosting sites, but the people who owned the website provided the content. YouTube gives the publication power to its users, creating a platform where anybody can host videos for free. This is especially impactful for nonprofits, since it allows smaller-budget operations to get on the same playing field with the bigger guys.

Today, nonprofits all over the world are able to use YouTube to tell their stories and reach their audiences in memorable ways. For some of the best nonprofit videos to ever hit YouTube, check out the DoGooder Video Awards channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nonprofitvideoawards.