Of all of the different communication tools available to us via social media, Instagram is the one I am most grateful for. As a completely visual outlet that allows you to share among all your social networks at once, Instagram is the easiest tool to use and definitely the most fun to browse through!

Using your smartphone, you can snap a picture, choose a filter that makes you look like a pro photographer, and share it among all your other social media accounts in minutes. This makes Instagram a time-effective tool for any business, individual or nonprofit.

My love of Instagram isn’t only because of the engaging visual content you can create, it’s also due to the many other fun ways you can use it:

  • Search #puppysofinstagram to choose what kind of dog you want
  • Choose a new hair cut #haircutsofinstagram
  • Explore a new city you might move to—Milwaukee anyone?
  • Find a new boyfriend, or husband in this case

Beyond the obvious uses—finding a puppy or husband—Instagram can also help you crank out some original and on-budget holiday gifts.

You can easily print out your Instagram photos using unique filters and borders for a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift. Check out Printstagr.am to see your many different options for holiday frames or greeting cards!

If you’re not already on Instagram, sign up today and use these tips to get started: http://bit.ly/VUEMOD