Before e-newsletters were invented, communications people like you and I had to send out mass emails in batches of a few hundred contacts at a time. Talk about a cumbersome process!

Our fearless leader here at Prichard Communications, Mac Prichard, founder and original director of “Mac’s List,” did this for seven years until our colleague, Lori Howell, suggested using an e-newsletter service. Now, as the account director who currently manages Mac’s List, I use Constant Contact’s e-newsletter service to send the weekly Mac’s List jobs newsletter out to our thousands of subscribers all at once.

The communications industry has come a long way since email started in 1993 and communicating to our target audience has never been easier thanks to e-newsletter services like Constant Contact, EMMA, Mail Chimp, or Mad Mimi! In fact, most platforms offer a variety of templates to choose from and are easy to customize. You can track open rates, clicks, and bounces to increase the productivity of your email.

E-Newsletter Fun Facts

  • Did you know that the national average open rate for a nonprofit e-newsletter is about 20 percent? “Mac’s List” has an open rate of 45 percent each week! Wow! Portlanders are serious about their job hunting.
  • Many newsletter superstars are retargeting customers with email in the same way advertisers do with ads. Retargeting is a way converting potential customers into buyers through a series of funnels and email sequences.
  • If you have to choose between social media and email to reach your customers, pick email! Email outnumbers any social network (though the power of social networks can give email results a major boost).

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Why are you grateful for e-newsletters?