Creating new, original content can be time-consuming and eat up your budget, but re-purposing old content in a new and innovative way will save time and can even boost your profit.

We can confidently tell you this from recent experience! This year, Mac’s List—Oregon’s leading job resource, published by Prichard—launched an e-book guide by compiling past blog posts and other previously created content.

The Complete Mac’s List Guide is a brand new resource we’re delivering to our audience, but it didn’t take us years to put together because we made good use of all the work we’ve done in the past! This new product will continue to benefit our audience and our budget for years to come.

Now, an e-book might not be right for your nonprofit, but consider the different materials you release to your audience: Annual reports, end of year appeals, news releases, blog posts, etc. How can you use your past work to produce new, innovative and evergreen content that will engage your audience over time? Here are three examples to get you started:

  1. Transform Dry Content Into a Visual Masterpiece

With the influx of free tools to create high quality visuals, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your more dry, dare I say boring, content, such as an annual financial report. With tools like and, you can transform financial data into a visually stimulating masterpiece that your audience will want to see.

Use either or to create an infographic displaying a year in review of financial information. Between these two free tools, has more options for how you display your information (charts, graphs, original photos), while provides more creative, free templates to choose from. Both tools are easy to use and reduce time compared to using a design program.

Tip: Make sure to include some of your own images and your logo to brand the document!

  1. Utilize Popular, Evergreen Materials

Do you host events, trainings or programs that your audience loves? If so, you likely have ample evergreen materials that can be used in a multitude of ways, such as event photos, videos, or news coverage. Create a visual slideshow with these materials to include on your website and promote among your on social media and your blog.

We recommend the free tool to create a beautiful, visual slideshow that can include text, original graphics and music! Watch this, created by the nonprofit Room to Read, to see what’s possible.

  1. Animate Your Impact

Don’t underestimate the power of video animation to tell your nonprofit’s story! PowToon is a free and valuable tool to clearly illustrate how your nonprofit is positively impacting the community and the world. Use PowToon to create a free animated video production to share your story, promote your programs and services, or to encourage donations.

Video animation can seem intimidating with all the impressive examples out there, but PowToon makes it simple and straightforward with many free options of templates and corresponding clip art to choose from.

Tip: Write a short script in advance to cut down time choosing the right template!

How do you repurpose your content to make it more engaging?