As a freshman, I was committed to following in the footsteps of my family members to enter the medical field. I was convinced that it was the only way I could help others and make a difference in the world.

However, after sitting through a particularly awful Organic Chemistry class, feeling completely lost, I decided to explore my options.

The School of Journalism and Communications appealed to me for many reasons, but my curiosity of public relations is what compelled me to apply. Here are two main reasons that I chose to major in public relations.

  1. Communication makes the world a better place. My internship with the HIV Alliance, a nonprofit in Eugene, opened my eyes to how public relations can benefit an organization and the community. I began to understand that PR ensures an organization, especially a nonprofit, gets the attention it deserves for the good work it’s doing. Social media, email blasts and news releases took on a whole new meaning. Communicating important messages to the public about resources available to them or how they can personally contribute to a cause can change the scope of a nonprofits success. I realized that I could make a difference by being a good communicator and spreading important messages to the public.
  2. PR is a growing and relevant industry : The public relations major focuses on skills that will always be relevant to the success of businesses, organizations and the government. Written and oral communication skills have remained important; the PR major focuses on understanding the evolving platforms used for these methods of communication. Non-traditional media, social media and blogging, has continually become more important. Being proficient in these digital platforms is extremely valuable. My PR major allowed me to explore these communication outlets and learn how to use them to benefit an organization. The field of public relations has continued to grow, and PR practitioners continue to grow with it to continue helping clients spread the good word.

Current public relations major: why are YOU majoring in PR? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Note: You’ll hear from Cecilia a couple times a month throughout her internship with us this fall! Stay tuned for her great, modern perspective on why communications matter!