By now, you probably know how important it is to include visuals in your online marketing. Hubspot reports that people retain 80 percent of what they see, compared to 20 percent of what they read and 10 percent of what they hear. And a 2017 report detailing social media trends notes that internet users pay close attention to images they feel are relevant to them. In those cases, users spend more time looking at the images than they do on the text. That makes using visual content a crucial aspect of your social media strategy. Visuals may include photos with text overlays, infographics or short videos.

Social media is a powerful tool that can move your target audiences to take action, complement communication with prospective funders or industry partners, cultivate relationships with leaders and influencers, and drive traffic to your blog or website. According to a 2016 Pew Research study, 79 percent of U.S. online adults use Facebook, 29 percent use LinkedIn and 24 percent use Twitter. This data means that more than ever, your organization’s audience is on social media, so your presence should be professional, polished and easy to navigate.

At Prichard, we know that it can be tricky to implement a social media strategy with a small team and limited resources. Here are a few of our favorite (and affordable!) communications tools, ideal for nonprofits and small businesses.

  • Canva can make anyone feel like a graphic designer and is our number one suggestion for visually enhancing your social media presence. It’s easy to use and perfect for creating engaging content. Templates range from free to 99 cents–worth it to create images that you can re-use across platforms.
  • iStock has royalty-free photos available for download at a low cost. For organizations without a professional photography budget, this can be a great option for sourcing high-quality images for online marketing purposes.
  • Finally, Piktochart makes it easy to create visually stunning content. For instance, users can create infographics, which are a great way to share facts and statistics about your organization in a visually interesting way. The basic package is free.

Social media evolves constantly, but promoting visual content hasn’t lost importance. With these tools in your back pocket, it will be easier to create and share visually interesting content for your organization.

Do you have a favorite tool for creating visual content? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.