This Means War! How to Choose Between Vine and Instagram Video

You’re probably aware of the battle for brands waging between Instagram Video and Vine right now.

If not, here’s the quick and dirty: Vine, a video service owned by Twitter, boasts 13 million users and launched in late January 2013. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and boasts 130 million users, unveiled an exciting update to its photo sharing app earlier this summer… you guessed it—video!

So, you can see the dilemma communicators have on their hands… With two such similar services available, how do you choose which will best meet your nonprofit’s strategic communications goals?

To help answer that, let’s start by establishing the basic differences between Vine and Instagram Video:

  • Length: Vines are six seconds in length; Instagram Videos can go up to 15 seconds.
  • Filters: Instagram allows users to place a filter on videos to create a more artistic feel; Vine has no such feature.
  • Looping: Vines play on a continuous loop; Instagram videos play once but can be played again by tapping the video.
  • Geotag: Instagram will automatically geotag where a video was taken and place it on a photo map in the user’s profile; Vine does not geotag.
  • Cover Frame: Instagram Video allows users the choice of which cover frame they would like featured. Vine automatically chooses the first shot of a video as the cover frame.
  • Channels and Filters: To help users filters content, Vine has channels such as comedy, health and fitness, and news and politics. Each channel also includes the option to toggle between popular and new videos. Instagram filters using hashtags.
  • Sharing: Instagram lets users share their videos through email, Twitter, Facebook and others, while Vine lets users connect through Twitter and Facebook only.

As you can see, the two services differ mostly in length and accessories or ‘bonus features’ like the ability to add filters or geotag your work. Fundamentally, however, they’re both great ways for your nonprofit to share messages, announcements and campaigns with your target audiences.

Is your nonprofit using Vine or Instagram Video? I’d love to hear from you! You can hear from me next week in the second part of this series, “Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use Instagram Video or Vine.”

Note: Today is the first part of a series of posts on how and why nonprofits should use Vine and/or Instagram Video. Follow Avery’s series throughout August.

Avery Klein

Avery was our 2013 Prichard summer intern. Avery comes from Springfield, Missouri where she attends Missouri State. She graduated in May 2014 with a degree in public relations. Avery is the proud mama to two fluffy pups, Paisley and Winnie, and considers Vine to be her favorite app for quick video production. You can follow her hilarious Vine channel by searching for "Avery Klein."
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