You Work Hard at Your Nonprofit Job… We Have A List of Memes to Make You Laugh!

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 1.40.03 PMWe spend our days working with nonprofits, both near and far, both new and established, both staffed up and… not so staffed up. No matter what they look like to the outside, they all have a few things in common on the inside:

  1. Lack of resources: staff, time, money—you name it—our nonprofit friends are very skilled at doing a lot with a little!
  2. Multiple hat wearing: every nonprofit client I work with functions far above and beyond their job title–nonprofit people are amazing masters of many tasks!
  3. Battle for funding: be it government or foundation grants, or individual donor dollars, every nonprofit out there battles every day to maintain and grow funding streams.

If you think this sounds like a very stressful job, you think right, but one other shared characteristic helps them all survive–a great sense of humor about the challenges of the nonprofit world!

Hey girl. For a good laugh after a long, hard day of nonprofit work, the internet made you some memes:

What memes make you laugh?

Jennie Day-Burget

Former Vice President and Managing Director Jennie Day-Burget is a lover of surprises, wine and chevron (the pattern, not the oil company). Jennie has worked in communications and public relations for more than a decade and cites the hashtag (#) as her favorite communications innovation.
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