Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to jump start the charitable giving season. Last year, nonprofits raised more than $116 million dollars —that’s 145 percent growth from the previous year!

This year’s day of giving, which falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is yet another opportunity to connect with new donors and strengthen ties with lifelong supporters. Promoting your nonprofit’s #GivingTuesday campaign is key for cutting through the noise of thousands of participating nonprofits.

Smart nonprofits will get ahead of this annual online event with a campaign strategy that has clear objectives, a compelling storyline and strong tactics to help you achieve your fundraising potential.

Check out these top five tips for making the most of #GivingTuesday.

Set Specific Targets

Clear, attainable fundraising goals will help your team develop strategies to work toward those targets. Sharing those goals publicly with your audience can also help build momentum. Consider starting by announcing your fundraising target a few days beforehand in order to seed some early donations before the chaos of Giving Tuesday hits. Update your followers on progress toward the goal to create a sense of urgency and achievement. You can do this through social media posts, e-newsletter updates or website announcements.

Last year, the World Bicycle Relief set out to donate 800 bicycles to support students in developing countries. The organization featured this goal on all social media posts to remind supporters what was still needed from them. Within 24 hours, the nonprofit galvanized its supporters to donate 1,087 bicycles—far surpassing its initial target. Sharing this success with supporters also spread the cheer that comes with exceeding expectations.

Have a Clear Call to Action

A strong Giving Tuesday campaign communicates a strong story that explains why donors should support your nonprofit. And no communications story is complete without a clear call to action that gives them a clear and easy way to engage.

The nonprofit Learning to Give aims to teach the next generation about philanthropy. Its TeachOne campaign captured its purpose with the clear call to action for teachers to teach one lesson on giving for Giving Tuesday. The nonprofit published a lesson plan for teachers on social media, making it especially easy for educators to participate without a ton of legwork.

Be Original

Since thousands of nonprofits participate in #GivingTuesday, using an original campaign hashtag on social media can help you break through the noise and secure results.

The organ donation advocacy nonprofit Organize forged its own path for Giving Tuesday last year to become the largest digital donor drive in the country’s history. It did so in part by spinning the generic event hashtag, #GivingTuesday, into the creative campaign hashtag #GiveWithYourHeart to ensure that its campaign was distinct, trackable and searchable. A unique hashtag, combined with a robust social media presence, earned the campaign 40 million impressions on social media and even garnering coverage by David Bornstein in The New York Times.

Encourage Sharing With Strong Visuals

Perhaps one of the most indispensable keys to engagement will be creating stand-out visuals that motivate your viewers to share your message with their networks. Photos and video have higher engagement and reach on social media, and they also have stronger conversion rates to turn interest into action.

WaterAid America employed social media photos to illustrate the impact they have helping low-income communities around the world gain access to clean water. These photos also motivated supporters by announcing that any gift on #GivingTuesday would be matched, delivering twice the impact. The photos generated sky-high engagement across the country.

Don’t Go It Alone

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for the nonprofit community and its supporters to come together. You can tap a network of support and resources to help make this Giving Tuesday the most successful yet.

The Giving Tuesday website has a wealth of resources for tactics and inspiration to help nonprofits plan for the event. Its list of key nonprofit case studies of success gives you the goods to forge your own path. And what nonprofit could live without its complete toolkit, social media toolkit or branded logos to help you create and tailor content across digital spaces and platforms?

Encourage your supporters to share an #UNselfie that highlights their donation or good deed and tag your nonprofit. The #UNselfie is now an integral part of the Giving Tuesday phenomenon, and it taps your supporters to spread the word and generate more donations. Giving Tuesday even has an #UNselfie toolkit to get you started.

How is your nonprofit making the most of Giving Tuesday? Share in the comments below.