Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz partners with elected officials for results

Since 2001, Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz has worked to reinvent the way the juvenile justice system helps young people in trouble with the law. One of their strategies: connect these youth with job opportunities. They came to us when they needed help engaging local employers.

The right way to build relationships with elected officials

The key to their goals: the district’s congressional representative, Sam Farr. Given our experience navigating government relations, the Santa Cruz project asked us to help them build a relationship with Congressman Farr. We supported them to schedule a meeting, and then joined them in Washington D.C. to help them frame their request for support and foster the relationship until they achieved their goal.

Engage the representative to attract the community

Later, when Santa Cruz wanted to host a community forum for local employers, they leveraged their relationship with Congressman Farr to bring him in to speak. We believed that jobs-providers would be attracted by the opportunity to meet with their congressman at the event. We supported them to organize and promote the forum to their target audience.

The right messenger spreads the message farther

Congressman Farr’s presence and endorsement for Reclaiming Futures Santa Cruz attracted local employers by the dozen. Since then, many have become partners to create more employment opportunities for local youth in trouble with the law.

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