National Association of Clean Water Agencies jumps into strategic social media

Since 1970, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has championed the quality of our water. Its work spans technical consultation, policy advancement and representation of publicly owned treatment works. If a legislative or regulatory issue touches on watershed management, NACWA taps into its political relationships to address it.

Rejoining the main current of conversation

By 2010, NACWA needed a social media strategy to attract new members, better serve existing constituents, and advance its leadership role in shaping clean water policy across the country. After attending a workshop by our Jennie Day-Burget on the power of social media, NAWCA’s director asked us to define its strategy and support its implementation.

Strategic social media planning with existing resources

We began with a full-day on-site workshop in NAWCA’s Washington D.C. headquarters. There, the entire staff co-created a plan to leverage its employees’ experience with social media and elect ‘ambassadors’ who would carry it out. On our recommendation, NAWCA hired a communications director whom we coached to develop and implement more ideas and tactics.

Greater capacity for greater impact

NACWA used our findings to expand its blog and presence on Twitter and Facebook and has grown a robust online community that has reaffirmed its leadership in the field and helped increase membership.

Our Role

Strategic Communications Planning

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Digital and Social Media

Community Building

Causes Helped

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