Mac’s List strengthens communities with meaningful work

In 2001, Mac, a lifelong networker, started sharing local job postings to help a few dozen friends. By 2008, managing the list of job-seekers and the dozens of jobs-posters had mushroomed into an unpaid part-time job. To keep serving this community, Prichard created ‘Mac’s List,’ a curated weekly e-newsletter of job opportunities around Oregon.

Make local links that matter

The key to expanding the Mac’s List’s community and capacity: connect employers offering rewarding, meaningful work with talented, creative people. The more value job-seekers and jobs-posters received, the more likely they were to refer their colleagues and friends.

Expand according to demand

We relaunched in 2012. The online platform supported the weekly e-newsletter with a blog, and connected social media accounts. As we have explored how we could better serve our community, we have added hosted networking events, published an e-book, and connected job-seekers with valuable career resources that make a difference.

More connections every day

In 2014, the Mac’s List community doubled to 65,000 monthly viewers. What inspires this tremendous growth? Employers report saving time and money because they get applications from better candidates. Job-seekers make meaningful connections and find rewarding work faster.

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