Once upon a time, in a land very different from Prichard, I worked for an entity that shall remain nameless, but one where I had some mean co-workers.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m saying it–there were some real meanies at that place. Bullying and harassment were not only tolerated, they seemed to be allowed! Passive aggressive anger ran rampant throughout the halls! Resentment blossomed from every cubicle wall you passed by. It was kind of the pits.

When I left, I vowed I’d never work in such a culture again. So, I sought out the nicest place I could ever work… and Mac and Lori found me, hired me, and the rest is now history. I now work with nice, nice, people—people I’m happy to call friends!

Today, nearly four years later, I’m thrilled to celebrate three new arrivals to our staff–three really NICE new arrivals to our staff, who I’m confident will continue to nurture the culture of niceness, of warmth and of friendship we strive to build here at Prichard.

Please take a minute to join me in welcoming, Anneka Winters, Finance and Office Manager, Cecilia Bianco, Account Coordinator, and Ashley Heinonen, Assistant Account Executive, by leaving your congratulations in the comments below!