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“Trish” is in her mid-30’s and is a well traveled, woman of the world who resides in Portland, Oregon’s east-side. She is a little bit multi-lingual, in fact. She lives, works and breathes the concept of giving and helping others. Inequality makes her cringe. Few things make her happier than watching the national tide shift around the issues closest to her heart: social determinants of health, juvenile justice reform and awareness of income/economic disparities. She’s a news junkie and can take a darn good photograph. She sits on boards across the city and volunteers to support causes that matter. She loves pets and has a rescue dog of her own whom she spoils with regularity. She’s stylish, educated and interesting. She loves wine, Latin-inspired music and foreign film. “Trish” is likable and has a growing community of friends and colleagues across the United States. She’s a real go-getter and takes great pride in her ability to have it all-or at least her definition of having it all. Trish is down to earth, grounded and reliable. Clients come first in Trish’s professional life.

So who is this wonderful “Trish?”

“Trish” is the fictitious persona behind the new and improved Prichard brand name, which we’re thrilled to launch this week!!!

While obviously not a huge variation on our old brand name, “Prichard Communications,” we think our new name is more modern and better reflects our growing list of services which extend beyond simply “communications.” When coupled with our new tagline, “Communications for a better world,” it tells you all you need to know about the work we do to support foundations and nonprofits across the country.

Can we help you make the world better? Drop us a line and let us know!


Jennie Day-Burget

Former Vice President and Managing Director Jennie Day-Burget is a lover of surprises, wine and chevron (the pattern, not the oil company). Jennie has worked in communications and public relations for more than a decade and cites the hashtag (#) as her favorite communications innovation.
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