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My average day starts when a certain smiling two-year old pads down the hallway and squirms into my bed, blankies in each arm, a red binky cocked to the side of his mouth like a cigarette, hair like the dog fixed it, shirt stuck up over his vast toddler belly and more giggles than a gaggle of moms drinking wine.

That two-year old, Henry, is the love of my life after the man who made him possible, his father, Aaron. I wouldn’t trade my mornings for anything. ANYTHING. It’s an amazing way to start a day.

What follows is not.

The delicate daily moment described above is generally followed by 13 hours of absolute chaos until my husband and I, exhausted from working our “8-5” jobs, managing a household and raising a toddler and two pets, generally collapse on the couch with a big sigh ignoring our body’s call for exercise, housework and chores, dog and cat, phone calls, hobbies, friends–and sometimes even each other.

But somehow—SOMEHOW—everything is okay.

We have a healthy, happy kid, we’ve got fantastic jobs that nurture our individual ambitions, we’ve got the best friends on earth.

We travel to see our families as frequently as possible when they live 2,000+ miles away. Our pets visit the vet annually and get clean bills of health.

We just bought an amazing, restored farmhouse in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood with a kitchen that makes my heart beat harder.

And, every once in awhile, Aaron gets to sneak off to play guitar and I get to read a book or write or do yoga. We even go on dates from time to time and, once in a blue moon, sneak off to wine country for my favorite hobby: wine tasting. (Aaron contends that this isn’t a real hobby. I disagree)

From my standpoint, we “have it all.”

But having it all is hard work, my friends. It’s delicate work. It’s work that doesn’t come with a handbook.

That’s why I invite you to join me and our Mac’s List team at the September Mac’s List Meet-up on having it all–and finding success. I’m on a panel of experienced and dedicated working parents including:

  • Mary Nichols, Founder of Karmic Marketing and mother of six
  • Mike Moran, Director of Development for Scholarships and University Initiatives at the Oregon State University Foundation and father to Charlie
  • Laura Shepard, Communications and Change Manager at Intel and mom to one whip-smart little lady

Come learn our strategies for balancing competing priorities and thriving while doing so.

And also, we want to learn from you. How do you manage to “have it all?” Me and my fellow panelists will be networking right along with you so we can hear your stories!

Registration is $15 and tickets are limited so don’t wait! The event is September 17th at 5:30 pm at the Hatch Community Innovation Lab in NE Portland.

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