Our Services

We help social changemakers make the world a better place. Our services adjust to match each client’s challenges.

To produce the results you want, we start with your goals and audiences. We take an authentic, friendly, collaborative approach to achieve the right blend of strategic communications that accomplishes your goals. Here are the specific services we offer.

Strategic Communications Planning

To align your communications with your organization’s goals and amplify your message, we:

  • Conduct fact-finding workshops and research sessions
  • Assess your opportunities and challenges
  • Develop communications plans that support your objectives
  • Support implementation

Communications Training

To leverage your passionate team, and invest in their growth, we:

  • Deliver workshops on blogging, social media, government relations, working with reporters and public speaking
  • Provide one-on-one coaching to your spokespeople

Media Relations

To cut through the clamor of today’s media, we:

  • Pitch local, regional and national media outlets
  • Arrange editorial board meetings
  • Prepare talking points, press kits and other media materials
  • Organize press conferences and other public events

Digital and Social Media

To build your online reputation in a sensible, sustainable way, we:

  • Write, edit and publish online content
  • Launch and manage your digital channels
  • Build or relaunch your website
  • Engage influential bloggers
  • Create or update your digital strategy
  • Implement smart SEO strategies
  • Produce web-ready videos

Public Policy

To deliver your message in the public sphere, we:

  • Connect you with policymakers
  • Prepare public testimony
  • Draft policy reports, research monographs and fact sheets
  • Help you build enduring relationships with public officials

Crisis Communications

To ensure your side of the story gets a fair hearing, we:

  • Plan for potential scenarios and opportunities
  • Define protocol and responsibilities
  • Oversee calm, thoughtful implementation

Community Building

To help you convene changemakers in your community, we:

  • Coordinate your events large and small
  • Inspire attendees to take action
  • Keep participants connected online
  • Build lasting relationships

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