In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to give our nonprofit and foundation readers out there a big treat–a list of our top, bite-sized digital hacks that can make your life significantly easier. And the best part? Everything listed below is free–just like the Halloween candy you got trick-or-treating as a kid.

  1. Use Google Apps for Nonprofits for free email, document storage and IT support
  2. Advertise for free on Google with Google Ad Grants
  3. Crop, resize and edit images for free with Pixlr Editor
  4. Merge and split PDF files using I Love PDF
  5. Search and download Powerpoint presentations from the web, or upload and share your slides with Slideshare
  6. Easily schedule meetings with large groups of board members, staff, funders and more, using Doodle
  7. Use to instantly share your screen without the hassle of setting up a GoToMeeting
  8. Sign up for Feedly as a replacement RSS reader to the now defunct Google Reader
  9. Monitor online mentions of your nonprofit and topic area using Talkwalker Alerts [previous blog post on Talkwalker here]
  10. Spice up your blog and social media channels with free images from Openclipart and Flickr Creative Commons

What hacks do you use to make your life easier?