When time allows, I like to geek out a little bit in Google Analytics. Besides being slightly narcissistic (wait, how many times did people view my staff profile??), the website’s analytics give me a good sense of which blog posts are resonating with our readers. Your nonprofit’s website, too, has these metrics that can tell you which blog posts were read most, how long visitors are staying on your site, and where they’re coming from.

Like you, Team Prichard pays attention to these numbers so we can understand what kind of content you’re interested in.

To give you an idea of the leading topics that resonated most with our readers last year, here are our top five most-read blog posts of 2015:

How to Be a LinkedIn Influencer—Without the Official Invite

There’s no doubt that the exclusive LinkedIn Influencer club is a club that executives want to be a part of. Influencers who contribute blog posts on LinkedIn receive, on average, 30,000 post views, sometimes reaching up to two million views! Even us scrappy PR people haven’t found a way to get our clients the personal Influencer invite from LinkedIn, but in this post Cecilia shares tips for how nonprofit leaders can see similar results by contributing quality content.

Avoid Death by PowerPoint: 3 Ways to Make Nonprofit Presentations Pop

Last year we made presentations in Austin, New Orleans and Connecticut, not to mention countless local and virtual presentations. All of them relied on PowerPoint to help us communicate our messages. Through that process of developing PowerPoints, we picked up a few tips for making these slide decks compelling. Whether you’re preparing slides for a board meeting, presenting at a conference or making a sales pitch to community leaders, consider adding lots of visuals, calls to action, and social or interactive elements.

4 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Start a Podcast

Almost one out of five Americans listen to podcasts, which, as Mac explains in this blog post, can be a valuable communications tool for nonprofits who want to reach a well-defined community of supporters. Podcasts offer you the opportunity to create your own media, repurpose existing content and reach new audiences. Check out his post for more reasons to start a podcast. And, if you already launched a podcast, check out his tips for how to break into an iTunes top 10 podcast chart.

4 Lessons on Digital Strategy I Learned From Street Outreach

Last year, guest blogger Josh Gryniewicz wrote about his experience managing digital and social media for the National Runaway Safeline. In this case, he was not targeting policymakers, influencers or reporters, but rather homeless youth directly online—a strategy that was supported by the finding that 62 percent of homeless youth ages 18-24 had cell phones. Read about what he learned from this on-the-ground experience.

Mac’s Nonprofit Podcast Playlist for Social Changemakers

There was a lot of conversation in the office last year about which podcasts we all listen to, especially during the days of Serial. One of the most avid podcast listeners in the office, Mac, pulled together his recommendations for social changemakers who are seeking new listening. I even had the pleasure of being interviewed on one of Mac’s recommended podcast, Nonprofit Radio, on the topic of visual media.

What else are you interested in learning about on the blog in 2016?