Earlier this week, Team Prichard convened a cohort of fellow Oregonians who attended frank 2015 to drink wine, eat coconut macaroons, reconnect and reflect on what we learned.

Our Pacific Northwest community of franksters was so excited to get together, in fact, we made our own logo for the occasion:

frank Oregon logoWe knew we wanted to share our Oregon frank experience with the broader frank community, so we put together an activity for our happy hour “Krewe” that generated some thinking about the conference.

We asked our fellow happy hour-ers to help us fill in some statements about their frank experience, such as…

“My favorite speaker at #frank2015 was ______________________”

Popular answers to that question included Bobby Jones, Anastasia Khoo, The Bloggess and Lizz Winstead, and in addition, an adamant shout out for Anat Shenker-Osorio.

Also, we ask the group to reflect on what inspired them coming away from frank 2015. Responses included:

  • “Stephen Pinker… to write well better!”
  • “So many people driven to make REAL and positive change”
  • “How wonderfully humble all these amazing people were–clearly a curated group!”
  • “The energy and enthusiasm of the students”

My favorite reflection however was when we asked our colleagues to define frank:

frank Oregon notes


Responses (pictured) were creative, thoughtful and essentially disparate, underscoring my personal feeling that frank is not simply an easily defined conference, but rather a broader movement to help align, rally and inspire public interest communicators across the United States…. a “short sweet and lovely” movement that we can bet its namesake, Frank Karel, would be proud of!

And the only thing missing from our micro-movement of franksters was our honorary Oregonian, Jenny Park! We missed you, Jenny!

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