Clients often come to us asking how they can promote their events to mass audiences. If you’re a nonprofit with a national funder or national office—you’re in luck. You’ve likely got a “mothership” on your side with a large, national voice and audience. Don’t forget to call on them for help!

Case in point: Mina Cook, our client at Reclaiming Futures Forsyth County, had a great idea for promoting an event near and dear to her organization’s heart—National Recovery Month. Her idea was to share a compelling photovoice project and subsequent invitation to an in-person event, across her organization’s Facebook page. While the project slowly gained traction locally, I had an idea that I thought might help get the word out to target audiences on a larger scale and help Mina meet her overarching communications goal for the project—-recruit new partners.

Working with her national office here in Portland, I secured placement across their national social media channels including their blog, a forum recognized across the juvenile justice and adolescent treatment industries as the go-to source of information on these issues. Doing so, we raised the profile of Mina’s project among Reclaiming Futures’ (national) expansive social media audience of more than 17,000 industry experts, professionals and advocates.

As a result of our collaboration, we estimate that Mina’s event has been seen by many thousands of people important to her communications goals. Her event—which takes place this Saturday—is drawing the right people in the right industry in the right mindset–many who might become a Reclaiming Futures Forsyth County partner.

Great work, Mina—we’re excited about future collaborations!

How does your “mothership” support your communications efforts?