In May, we helped one of our clients, The Communications Network, produce and launch its first ever podcast series, SmartCast, which focuses on the power of smart communication to help foundations and nonprofits improve lives.

In the inaugural episode, we talked to Naomi Hirabyashi, Chief Marketing Officer at, about how, one of the largest organizations for young people and social change in the United States, successfully harnesses its 2.5 million members to take action. Among the great ideas she shared, we learned about several innovative tools that nonprofits can utilize in their online advocacy plans.

Take Naomi’s advice and consider using one of these all-star online platforms to spark fireworks online this July:

1. Indiegogo: “The place where people come together to make it happen”

@Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces and make ideas happen. Since 2008, millions of contributors have empowered hundreds of thousands of inventors, musicians, do-gooders, filmmakers – and many more – to bring their dreams to life.

2. “The world’s platform for change”

@Change is the world’s largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see. Use when looking to reach decision makers to further your cause.

3. KickStarter: “A new way to fund creative projects”

@Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Since its launch on April 28, 2009, more than $1 billion has been pledged by over 5 million people, funding more than 60,000 creative projects.

4. “Young People + Social Change”

@Dosomething is one of the largest organizations for young people and social change with 2.5 million members tackling campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. Any cause, anytime, anywhere. Listen to the SmartCast with Chief Marketing Officer Naomi Hirabyashi for more information on!

Other online advocacy platforms we love:

1. Crowdrise: “If you don’t give back, no one will like you”

@Crowdrise is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for individual fundraisers, non-profit fundraising and event fundraising. Raise money online for charity and have the most fun in the world while doing it.

2. Razoo: “Let’s lift the world”

@Razoo is crowdfunding that makes a difference; Razoo is a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life. People have used this unique platform to create more than 90,000 fundraising websites and to give over $230,000,000 to the causes they care about.

What tools does your nonprofit love to use for online advocacy? Share with us below!

Image from Creative Commons Flickr User Yheazi