It’s time to clean up your Facebook profile page and privacy settings! On July 8th, the advanced search update, commonly known as Graph Search, started rolling out to U.S. users, and searches have since become more efficient and specific.

Graph Search allows you to type in full queries about people, pictures, places, or general topics, and the application pulls information from your network of friends and the network’s 1 billion users. For example, you can search for “Photos of my friends taken in Paris, France” among your friends, or “People who like Modern Family,” among the entire Facebook network.

What shows up in searches depends on how much information users have made public. If you can find it on your profile, you can find it more easily using Graph Search – including ‘likes’ that might expose things you liked on accident or things you liked as a joke. Here are five hypothetical searches that might reveal embarrassing info about you or your friends:

  1.  My friends who like Nickelback and Paula Abdul
  2. Men who like clowns who live near me
  3. Restaurants people who like “Star Wars” like
  4. Spouses of married people who like 50 Shades of Grey
  5. My friends who go to the University of Washington who like Nicholas Cage

If these searches make you cringe, it might be a good idea to go back and tweak some of your privacy settings or clean up some of those rogue ‘likes.’ Facebook offers a great tutorial on how to control the visibility of your past, present and future posts.

Believe it or not, Graph Search can do more than just reveal which of your friends likes Justin Bieber. Used for the power of good, the application can provide valuable insight for your business or non-profit organization.

Have you used the new application? What have you discovered using Facebook Graph Search?