Hot off the presses, Facebook announced yesterday a new feature of keen interest to nonprofits and those of us who consult for them: Facebook “Donate.”

The option to “Donate Now” will start appearing next to posts from participating nonprofits in a user’s newsfeed. When a user clicks, just like magic, they can donate to the nonprofit of their choosing by simply entering amount and payment information.

Evidently inspired by Facebook’s donation partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Facebook wants to make it easier for individual users and nonprofits to connect on their platform. They explain, “…with a community of over one billion people on Facebook, every local cause can become a global one — and every global cause can become a personal movement.”

While just a handful of nonprofits (pictured) currently have the feature, Facebook will make the feature available to more organizations, “soon.”  If your organization is interested in tapping into this now, Facebook encourages you to fill out the Donate Interest form.

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My take?

This is good thing, nonprofits of the world! One of the major principles of online navigation is the fewer clicks the better. If your community is already engaged with you using Facebook, the Donate feature makes you one click closer to real social media ROI in the form of individual donations. That said, unless you’re particularly tech savvy, I’d watch and wait a little bit. While I’m guessing hoping sure the ‘Donate’ service is free to nonprofits, I worry about potential back-end headaches for page administrators, financial teams, etc. I hope I’m just being a worry-wart (very like me) on this one, but I always advise clients who are not sure about new technologies to let others go first and see what happens! Your limited resources are too valuable to invest in something you’re not reasonably sure about!

Are you excited about the new Donate feature for nonprofit pages? Tell me what you think!