Happy New Year!

When we launched our first ever Prichard Communications blog in 2013, we did so with the goal of providing insider information on nonprofit and foundation communications to clients and colleagues across the United States.

Since we began blogging last August, we’ve had thousands of visitors interested in learning more about smart public relations through the lens of traditional, digital and social media communications.

Below are the posts you–our online audience—found most valuable in 2013, and what they tell us about your priorities:

  • You’re always looking for ways to improve your communications program: Despite your small nonprofit budget, you care about your online reputation and prove it by using the best monitoring tool available–not just the most well-known monitoring tool available. Thus, you flocked to 3 Reasons You Should Dump Google Alerts.
  • You prioritize storytelling as part of any good public relations campaign: You appreciated how a world-class storyteller hones his craft; that’s why so many of you shared the piece about Anderson Cooper’s huge heart in 3 Things I Learned from Anderson Cooper.
  • You value proactive internal communications, but may be short on time: You know your organization needs a social media policy, but you’ve been procrastinating the task. Now that you have guidance from How to Write a Social Media Policy in Under an Hour, you can dig in, and tick that off your list.

What was your favorite post? Please take a moment to share it!