Earlier this year, a client came to me with a problem–her staff gets Facebook. They get Twitter. They blog with enthusiasm! But Instagram, Pinterest, Vine? They’re not so sure about these newer tools, the so-called “visual media” suite.

It’s not that they aren’t interested, of course. In fact, they seem very interested and have asked her lots of questions: “Is there a professional use for them?” “Are they purely personal networks?”  “How do I get started?” And my client—a woman tasked with an enormous job which keeps her very busy—just hadn’t had time to think through the answers. So she and I put our heads together and crafted a series of seminars for her staff focused on these visual media tools and the very questions she couldn’t yet answer.

On July 29 from 6:00-8:00, Jessica and I will share much of what we learned about visual media with our friends here in Portland. Together with the Social Media Club of Portland, we’re excited to offer, “How to Create Great Visual Media Content on a Shoestring Budget!”

You’ve probably gathered this by now, but this training is for anyone in need of information about the latest trends for visual media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Vine.

Participants will learn how to use these tools on a shoestring budget, whether you work in social change, nonprofits, foundations or for-profit. We will examine how leaders in the field are successful at using these visual media platforms to advance a mission, a vision, or a cause.

Key takeaways include:

  • Three new things you can do immediately to enhance your organization’s visual media platforms
  • Practical help in setting up these channels for your organization in a strategic way
  • How to create content using visual media tools that supports your organizational goals

The cost is $15 and location is at Portland’s beautiful EcoTrust building in the Pearl District.

We’re really excited to share what we’ve learned and hope to see you there!

Learn more and register: http://socialmediaclubpdx.com/smcevents/smc-pdx-prichard-communications-partner-to-show-how-great-visual-media-can-be-created-on-a-shoestring-budget/