Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, today we share our list of nonprofits and social do-gooders we LOVE following on Instagram—and know you’ll love following, too!

I know, I know—you are the pinnacle of nonprofit communications—why would you follow nonprofits other than your own? Easy: inspiration, motivation, and….procrastination?! (few things eat more of my time than getting lost in my Instagram feed!)

  1. Charity: Water (@CHARITYWATER): Stunning images of children and families from around the world whose lives are improved by safe, clean drinking water. #WaterChangesEverything
  2. FETCH Eyewear (@FETCHEYEWEAR): Cool frames and cute adoptable pets—follow this nonprofit’s efforts to support the Portland-based animal rescue group, the Pixie Project. #FetchPets #FetchEyeWear
  3. Mercy Corps (@MERCYCORPS): Inspiring images of Mercy Corps’ work in development and crisis relief abroad. #SouthSudan #Philippines #Haiyan
  4. ASPCA (@ASPCA): Follow this nonprofit on Instagram to see their noble pet rescue efforts across the United States. #AdoptDontShop #EndAnimalAbuse
  5. To Write Love on Her Arms (@TWLOHA): As found on Mashable, here you’ll find inspiring images around a movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. #FearsVsDreams
  6. Robin Hood Foundation (@ROBINHOODNYC): This foundation uses Instragram to document its efforts to fight poverty in and around New York. #LikeaNewYorker #SandyRelief
  7. Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (@NEIGHBORHOODCTR): Working in emerging neighborhoods in Houston, Texas, this group launched the #ThisUndocumentedLife campaign last summer to shed light on the plight of America’s “DREAMers-” undocumented teenagers living in the U.S.
  8. Sesame Street (@SESAMESTREET): Now that I’m a parent and Elmo is a loud and insistent part of my world, I appreciate the cuteness that is this Instagram feed for the first time. Not only do I learn about upcoming programming, but also cool historical facts (ie: did YOU know that Oscar the Grouch used to be orange? Well now you do. You’re welcome!). #sesamestreet
  9. Sierra Club (@SIERRACLUB): Beautiful photos to help you “explore, enjoy and protect the planet.” Sierra Club uses Instagram to document protests and issues they’re involved in across the U.S. #NoKXL

What nonprofits do you follow on Instagram?