Sci-fi fans know this summer marks the 35th anniversary of the original release of “Mad Max,” the 1970s drive-in movie about a police officer tangling with motorcycle outlaws on the highways of the Australian Outback in a dystopian future. It’s also the film that helped make Mel Gibson a star.

The story of Mad Max’s bleak world unfolds mostly on roads and highways, a familiar place for those of us who travel on business in our work with nonprofits and foundations. Unlike Mad Max, however, today’s business travelers can use Twitter to stay in touch with home and office and build community along the way.

As you prepare for your next trip, especially if you’re headed to a conference, here are seven tips you can use to become a Twitter Road Warrior.

  1. Make an Announcement. Tell people where you’re going and why. Your followers will appreciate knowing what you’re doing, and it will give context to your tweets that follow.
  2. Include Handles. Adding the Twitter account name of the organizations of the people you meet helps your readers learn more about your community. It also drives traffic to your partners’ accounts, always a welcome action.
  3. Be a Shutterbug. Images attract more readers no matter what the social media channel. Tweet pictures of events you’re attending, the buildings hosting your meetings, or (with permission) the people you’re seeing.
  4. Make a List. One of the best and fastest ways to connect with others at a professional conference is to make a public Twitter list of other registrants. This helps create community and introduces you to others at the gathering.
  5. Live Tweet. Post quotes, statistics, and facts from speakers at public events. Be sure to give proper credit and use the source’s Twitter handle. This makes it easier for other readers find the speaker’s Twitter account.
  6. Engage Others. Don’t just post your own thoughts. Retweet and favorite Tweets from others at the event, location or other place you find yourself. Your readers will appreciate you curating great content for them and it will help you attract new followers and grow your own network.
  7. Move the Conversation Online. Often while traveling you don’t get a chance to finish a conversation or say thank you. Twitter is a perfect platform for doing this.

What about you? How have you used Twitter to share what you do while traveling? Share your experiences in the comments section below.