You’ve just hit the “publish” button on a new blog for your nonprofit. You know your post is good because you thought about the needs of your audience, your content solves the problems of the people you want to reach, and you optimized your text for the best search engine results.

But your job is not over. You need to promote your material far and wide. With nonprofit use of social media reaching record levels it’s easier to do than ever. Here are seven ways to drive traffic to your blog post.

  1. Write a Killer Headline: Research shows that eight of 10 people read the headline but only two out of 10 read the text that follows. A killer headline can make all the difference. Here are tips from Copyblogger about how to write headlines that work.
  2. Tweet It: Link to your post on your personal and your nonprofit’s Twitter feeds. Include your organization’s Twitter handle and add hashtags so people tracking your nonprofit and your issues find your tweet.
  3. Post on Facebook: A blog post is perfect for your nonprofit’s Facebook pages. Don’t just post a link, however. Include a short description and a question to inspire comments.
  4. Put Your LinkedIn Pages to Work: LinkedIn has a status update line. Use it! Many people turn to LinkedIn daily for news from colleagues they trust, so don’t ignore this publishing platform.
  5. Share on Your Own Blog: Do you have a personal blog? Tell your readers about your nonprofit’s work – and grow your professional network – by quoting an excerpt from your post for your employer and include a linking to the full post.
  6. Use Google+: Google+ matters more than you think, so don’t neglect to put your blog’s content here, too. Because it is integrated with Google search putting links to your post on your Google+ account helps with page rank.
  7. Ask Friends to Comment: It’s more common than you think for bloggers to ask colleagues to write a brief comment on a post. Once you get the ball rolling, however, others usually follow.

Need more online marketing ideas for your nonprofit? See these 10 tips from Guy Kawasaki on the always excellent NonProfit Marketing Blog.

How do you promote your organization’s blog posts? Share your ideas in the comments below.