Your work is not done once you hit the publish key on a post for your social change organization’s blog. If you want to attract and grow your audience, you need to think about how you will market your content even before you begin to write.

Here are steps you can take now to get more readers for your company or nonprofit blog:

  1. Know Your Audience Inside Out

Who is your ideal reader? Can you describe the person, what they care about, and the challenges they face? When you know the answers to these questions you can create content that will attract and engage people you want to reach.

Create marketing personas that provide a composite sketch of your readers. This will help you understand what matters to your audience and how best to speak to them. Buffer offers an excellent (and free) beginner’s guide you can use to write marketing personas for your blog.

  1. Don’t Let Your Reader’s Eyes Glaze Over

Eight out of 10 of your readers never go beyond most headlines. If you want to keep your reader’s attention, you need an eye-catching headline.

Good writers may draft several dozen headlines before finding the right one. One of the best guides for how to do it well is 52 Headline Hacks. You can also test your text with the Headline Analyzer.  

  1. Get Chummy With Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a mystery for too many bloggers. If you want to rank high on Google and other search engines you need to make SEO part of how your blog operates every day.

Research and use key words and phrases your target audiences use to find the kind of content you produce. Practice good SEO habits like linking to other sites and tagging your text and images properly. Not sure how to get started? Hubspot offers a good guide to SEO basics.

  1. Run Your Own Syndicate

Look for ways to share your best content on other publishing platforms. One good way to do this: Syndicate your blog posts by sharing them on the author’s LinkedIn or Medium accounts. Or ask partner organizations to publish your post on their blogs.

Syndicating your content will put you in front of new audiences and can attract new traffic to your site. To get the best results in searching rankings, use proper SEO and metatags.

  1. Keep People in the Loop Via a Newsletter

E-newsletters remain one of the most effective ways to communicate online.  Your readers won’t remember to check your blog or visit your website. But if they subscribe to your newsletter, they will see (and read) that message from their inbox.

Take advantage of this opportunity by publishing a newsletter with links to your new blog posts. Stick to a consistent publishing schedule so readers come to expect to hear from you.

  1. Everything Old Can Be New Again

Don’t let your old content sit forgotten on your website. Use tools like Edgar, an online scheduling program, to share your evergreen posts on your organization’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Set up a schedule for regularly publishing old blog posts via social media. Be sure to optimize your posts for each channel and follow good scheduling practices to avoid coming across as a spammer.

  1. Keep Score, Then Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Don’t operate your blog in a vacuum. Track your results and see which posts perform best.

Set up and use a dashboard to measure blog visits, newsletter open rates, and social media click throughs.  Use the information to inform your editorial calendar and better serve your readers.

How do you market your blog? Leave your best tips in the comments below.