Recently, Mac and I gave a series of seminars on Instagram to a group of clients interested in using the tool personally and professionally. Our audience members ranged from those relatively experienced with Instagram to virgin Instagrammers but no matter their experience, one question came up repeatedly…

“What third-party apps can I use to make my Instagram feed even better?”

So, Team Prichard put our heads together and came up with a list of seven killer third party apps we think will improve everything from the clarity of your photos to their overall aesthetic.

Let us know what we missed in the comments!

A Beautiful Mess ($Free to $0.99): This is my overall favorite third-party app for improving my photos that allows me to add text, doodles, borders and a limited selection of pretty filters to my photos.


PicFrame ($0.99): Put your photos into those cute little collages and fun frames.

photo (1)

Over/Overgram ($Free to $1.99): This is an office favorite that allows you to add text and artwork overlays to your photos.


Snapseed ($Free): 2012’s best mobile photo app is like a tiny Photoshop where you can enhance and transform your photos before you add them to Instagram.

Bokehful ($0.99): Add pretty bokeh light effects to your photos like I’ve done in this photo:


Tiny Planet Photos ($0.99): Turns your photos into a sphere that looks like a tiny planet. Not particularly practical but a fun option to have in your toolbox.

Camera+ ($1.99): TIME compared Camera+ to a “high-quality SRL lens” that helps you shoot like a pro, adding clarity to each photo.