A well-run blog lets your social change organization engage supporters, share ideas and accomplishments, and connect with decision-makers.

To be successful, you must publish consistently and provide valuable content. This creates trust and keeps readers coming back. And you need an editorial calendar to plan your work and a strategy to market it. But coming up with new ideas for blog posts can be challenging.

Here are five ways to beat blogger’s block when thinking about your next blog post.

Go Where Your Readers Hang Out

The best blog posts address the needs and concerns of the people you serve. And if you don’t have the budget for focus groups, you can do lots of the legwork with online monitoring. Just go where they gather online.

Join and take part in discussions in popular forums, LinkedIn groups, and listservs for your field. You’ll find people in your world talking about plenty of problems, each of which could provide a topic to interest your blog’s readers.

Tap into Industry Trends

Organizers of professional conferences, workshops, and webinars pay close attention to industry trends. Attendance—and ticket sales—depend on it.

You can benefit from the insider knowledge of conference programmers. Look at the topics in the agendas of past or upcoming professional events. You’ll find lists of subjects that matter to your audiences.

Revisit Your Hits

Your blog has a track record. Take advantage of it. Use Google Analytics to identify your ten most popular posts. This shows you what ideas have engaged people the most and attracted the most traffic.

Can you write an update about these topics? Or address the same subject from a new angle? Or perhaps you can turn a short post into a longer one.

Repurpose Presentations

Don’t let the slides and talking points disappear into the void after you give a talk. With a little effort, you can put your ideas in front of a bigger audience.

Dig into filing cabinets and online drives and pull out out those old Powerpoints. Revise your text for readers and include one or two images from your presentation.

And if All Else Fails . . .

Still stuck? Ask a leader in your field to contribute a guest post. Original content is always welcome, but it’s fine, too, to cross post an article that has already appeared elsewhere.

Be selective and strategic when recruiting writers. And you’ll want to work with your partner to promote the post. Click here for best practices to follow with guest bloggers.

Where do you go for ideas for your blog posts? Tell us in the comments below.