In the last year, marketing trends have showed that compelling visual content is crucial to engaging audiences online. This means that if your nonprofit is to successfully break through all the clutter on the Internet to spread a message far and wide, then an attention grabbing visual is the key to capturing an audience’s interest.

Many nonprofit organizations have files full of visual assets – photos and videos from events, site visits and fundraisers – that often lie dormant on a hard drive in a back office.

If this sounds familiar, then I have good news for you.

There are many free and low-cost tools you can use to visually enhance old (and new) photos and videos to make them more compelling to your audiences and relevant for today’s online spaces.

Here are five tools that we recommend to our clients everyday:


Thinglink is a free tool that allows you to make your photos interactive. With ThingLink you can make your images come alive and tell a story in just a few easy steps.

Upload an image and click on it to add a comment or a link. You can add multiple icons to one image to tell a complex story. This is a great tool for making an interactive map, for example. 

Timeline JS 

With the explosion of visual media, Timeline JS is a great way to tell a story in an interactive and compelling fashion. This free tool allows you to create dynamic timelines with rich content that a user can interact with.

Consider using it to tell the history of your organization with photos to demonstrate the milestones in your growth.


Picasion is a free website that you can use to create animated images called GIF’s. GIF’s are supported on some social media platforms like Tumblr and can be used on most major content management systems such as WordPress as an asset on a webpage or blog post.

Create a GIF to string together a series of related images that convey a singular message like a fundraising campaign or volunteer drive.


While Photoshop is still the most popular professional photo-editing tool, it can be incredibly challenging and complex to learn, so Canva is a nice change of pace for the average user. This website is free to use and easily allows you to upload, enhance, and edit images.

With it’s wide array of options, you can add symbols, texts, icons and create compelling graphics that are quickly downloaded to your computer for you to use as you please.


Storify makes it easy for you to capture visuals from social media, blogs and websites to tell a story about an event or topic related to your work. You can pick and choose the graphics and texts you want to share, to tell the story you want your audience to see.

This is a great way to showcase a past event or online conversation to bring old content back to life.

What great tool did I miss? Please share in the comments below!