Facebook is constantly changing and if you aren’t paying attention to the latest updates, you might be wasting your time.

With the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm your potential to reach followers is limited, unless those followers are engaged with your content or you pay extra to boost your posts.

You aren’t going to win because of social media, but you’ll lose without it, so here are five Facebook tips for your nonprofit:

1. Beware Vanity Metrics

A vanity metric is a metric like “fan count” that can look really sexy but at the end of the day has only minimal impact. Instead, focus on your engagement with followers. The more engaged your followers are, the more Facebook assigns importance to that post, and the more likely it will show up in followers’ news feeds, which is the real goal after all.

2. Work to Increase Reach

Reach is the metric assigned to the number of unique followers that see each Facebook post. In order to increase reach, your content must be engaging! The more your followers “like,” comment, or share your posts, the more engaged they are and therefore the more followers you will reach. Provide value to your readers and leverage the personality of your brand or community to engage your followers.

3. Cultivate Real Relationships

Write copy for Facebook like a real person– not like a business. Engage with your followers and cultivate relationships that have the potential to go beyond a single Facebook interaction. Work to convert the engaged Facebook followers into advocates, volunteers, and donors for your nonprofit by interacting with them through comments, direct messages, or donor support.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely

You might have noticed that hashtags are becoming a part of Facebook. Use your hashtags wisely by posting your copy at the top, using a bit.ly (or other shortened link), and then typing your hashtags on the bottom line. By giving some white space to your copy, it’s easier on the eye. See example below:


5. Asking for Money Should Not be Your Primary Purpose

As a nonprofit, it might be tempting to ask for money on Facebook. Don’t do it. Engage your followers in way that helps them build fondness for your organization and your mission, so that they will be inspired to donate on your website.

Of course, you can have a donate button on your Facebook page and promote a fundraising campaign but don’t make it your main goal for having a Facebook presence.

What tips do you have for nonprofits on Facebook?