It’s high summer, a season for vacations and leisure-time reading lists. At Prichard we love books, especially books about social change.

And because we’re a digital agency, our reading lists also include websites, apps, and software. Here’s a short list sharing five of our favorite online tips for social change communicators this summer with tools that can make a difference in your work.

Plan and Execute a Digital Campaign Like a Pro

Struggling to create a digital campaign that can turn your big idea into meaningful action? Check out this series of worksheets from creative agency Threespot that The Communications Network recently featured in its quarterly journal, Change Agent.

This free toolkit walks you through the most important steps of an online campaign. You can use a set of worksheets to do the following:

  • Define the vision that drives your strategy
  • Describe your target audiences and desired action
  • Get clear on how your brand motivates your audiences
  • Set your yardsticks for success

Make it Easy for Donors to Give Online

Does your nonprofit rely on old-fashioned direct mail alone to ask for gifts? You’re missing a big opportunity if you don’t go where your donors hang out online.

Successful nonprofits engage supporters on favorite social media platforms and make digital donations easy. If your community likes Twitter (23% of all adults use Twitter), you need to check out Charitweet.

Using Charitweet, supporters can tweet your group a donation of any amount. The money goes straight to your account after Charitweet subtracts a 5.9 percent processing fee.

Charitweet welcomes nonprofits of all sizes and types. Once your group registers, you appear on the site’s bank of charities used by people who want to give to good causes.

Put Instagram on a Schedule—and Back in Your Office

Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, recently surpassed Twitter in daily users.

We’re big fans of Instagram at Prichard. We have only two complaints: The Instagram app doesn’t allow you to schedule a post, and you must use a mobile device to publish.

Later fixes both problems. The free version lets you organize, upload and schedule up to 30 posts a month from any computer.

With Later your team no longer has to handle every image by hand via a personal smartphone or tablet. Instead, you can plan your posts in advance, storing and managing them from your office desktop.

Stand Out in a Crowded Feed

Here’s another Instagram hack we love: Adobe Post. To crack your follower’s Instagram feed and get high engagement you need to offer eye-catching visuals.

Adobe Post helps you do this. It’s a free app that lets you add key messages, campaign hashtags and logos to your organization’s images.

And there’s another advantage: While developed with Instagram in mind, Adobe Post works on any mobile photo-sharing platform.

Uncover Engaging Content Hiding in Plain Sight

Google Analytics let’s you see how much your blog, social media, and other content you create engage your audiences.

But you don’t want to only talk about yourself.

You want to share useful and relevant material produced by others, too. This not only serves your followers better; it also helps you build stronger ties with your partners and get higher engagement overall.

Post Planner gives you a shortcut to finding content that will interest your audiences. It scans industry-specific content across the topics, social channels, and hashtags or topics you provide.  Then Post Planner shows you the articles, blogs or visuals that are getting the most attention.

What app, software, or site would you add to the list? Leave your ideas in the comments below.