If you’re a nonprofit on a tight budget, chances are you haven’t set aside much budget for “housekeeping” your website. Luckily, there are several free resources and no-cost ideas available to you to make sure your website gets as clean this spring as your closets!

The look and feel of your online assets—in addition to the user experience—have a big impact on your credibility.  Hosting a website with bad links or outdated content will send the wrong message and drive visitors away.

So this spring, turn over a new leaf. Here are three ways to start:

  • Clean up broken links. To support good SEO health, download free software, like Screaming Frog, to clean up those broken links on your website. It’s simple: Add your URL, receive your report about broken links and then set aside the time to make the updates.
  • Update your copy. Have you expanded to additional sites this year? Is your contact information up-to-date? Do you have new staff or board members? Carve out some time to review those sections and make updates.
  • Test and refine your donation process. Have you had the same online donation process in place for a long time? Have you tested it internally to check for issues? This is a light lift to make sure everything is running smoothly. 
  • Update online contact forms. If you have contact forms on your website, have you filled one out recently to test the functionality? Are you gathering the information that is most useful to you? Confirm that the forms still work and are easy to use.
  • Clean up rogue blog categories. If you publish a blog, this is a great time to tighten those categories. Authors often forget to add a category when they’re quickly posting to the blog. You can end up with a bucket of “uncategorized” posts, which isn’t ever ideal.

Follow these suggestions, add maintenance to your spring routine and grab the sunscreen. You’re almost ready for spring break!

We’d love to hear about your spring-cleaning routine. Please share your tips below.