Events are an opportunity to shine on social media. Whether your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, these platforms can amplify your place-based gathering online.

Events have always excelled at bringing people together in person, and they can now extend your network on social media. Promoting your event on social media can spark conversations that keep going, bring your message to new audiences by leveraging the collective digital impact of attendees, and keep attendees connected after the event.

Check out these four ways to make a splash on social at your next event:

Spread the Message on Facebook Live

Facebook Live gives your supporters and social network a front-row seat to your event if they can’t make it in person. The platform is an easy way to spread your message; you just need a phone to broadcast your event, performance or keynote speaker to countless people online. You can also interact with your followers by responding to their comments in real time.

After the event and broadcast is over, your Facebook Live broadcast will be published to your page so that interested viewers can check it out at any time.

Drive Awareness with Snapchat’s Custom Geofilters

Snapchat’s recently launched tool to create interactive geofilters presents a unique opportunity to drive awareness of your next big event on the app. Snapchat gives users a bank of fun filters to apply when sharing inspired Snaps. This new tool enables you to create and import a custom filter for users to plug and play in a particular location and time frame.

Snapchat does charge a small fee to make these custom filters available to users, but it promises big bang for your buck. Snapchat users in your vicinity will see the filter, and interested users could share the filter to drive awareness in their extended networks. Consider creating a custom geofilter for your next big event so that attendees on Snapchat can effortlessly spread the word and passersby can get the scoop on your nonprofit.

Amplify Your Reach by Creating a Hashtag and Live Tweeting

Generating a hashtag for your event and using it to live tweet during the big day can help you increase your event’s visibility and amplify your reach on Twitter. Promote the hashtag on your Twitter account and at the event so that users know to follow—and contribute to—the thread. Event attendees like to join the conversation online to see what you and other people are talking about. They can also follow other attendees using the hashtag to keep in touch after the event.

Particularly if you have a keynote speaker or regarded community leader at your event, live tweeting can capture and amplify the wisdom that would otherwise be lost in memory. More than likely, attendees on Twitter will engage with you and retweet these gems to their wider network. Along the way, be sure to retweet what other attendees are saying to extend the conversation on Twitter.

Generate Excitement and Sharing With an Instagram ‘Photo Booth’

Lighthearted events with a social networking focus are digitally riffing on the classic photo booth by creating Instagram booths. Instead of renting a photo booth with big bucks, you can set up an accessible station with a fun, hashtagged background—and even some jazzy accessories like boas and hats—for users to take an IG pic.

This entertaining approach has serious impact because it encourages users to post about your event on an ever-growing platform that now captures more than a third of mobile phone users.

How do you use social media to amplify your event online? Share in the comments below.