Your nonprofit’s best blog posts might become invisible to your readers as they age and fall further and further down your blog feed. Unless visitors dig deep—and most won’t–they won’t ever see your earlier content.

That’s a problem because much of what you write  — stories, for example, about the people you serve or your organization’s successes — is so-called “evergreen” content that continues to interest readers long after you publish it.

Don’t let the passage of time allow your blog posts to disappear from view. Here are four ways to keep your best, most useful material in front of your blog readers for years to come and to get the most out of the time and effort you put into your writing.

1) Quote Yourself. Including hyperlinks to other posts on your blog is a standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice. Google rewards posts with internal links with higher organic rankings. It’s also an excellent way to drive readers to your old content. Always link to one or more of your previous blog posts as you write new material.

2) Celebrate Your Best Work. The end of the year or holidays offer an opportunity to show off your blog’s best stuff. Write a post on January 1 about your five most popular columns of the previous year. Or celebrate Valentine’s Day with a piece about the 14 posts your readers loved most. Whatever date you choose it’s one more opportunity to put still useful content in front of your readers.

3) Everything Old Can Be New Again. If your nonprofit has social media accounts you are likely using them to share new blog posts on the day you publish. But don’t stop there. You can also push out old posts on your social media accounts three, six, or 12 months after original publication. Insert a simple note like “From the Archives” followed by the title of the post and the URL.

4) Use Web Widgets. Simple software tools called widgets can highlight your old blog content on your web page.  One of the most popular examples is the “You May Also Like” box that includes the title and images from your related posts. Two others are “Archive” and “Category” boxes that present past content by date or topic. With a little knowledge of HTML you can add these features yourself or ask a website developer to do it for you.

 What about you? Share your ideas for promoting your old blog posts in the comments below.