Social media is one of the most effective tools for an organization to engage its audience and generate conversations about its work. Facebook, in particular, offers many benefits to nonprofits.

Implement these four tactics on your Facebook page to increase engagement and interaction between your nonprofit and its target audiences. 

>> Engage your audience with visuals—not text: As a nonprofit, it is key to demonstrate the importance of your cause. Visual communication is the most effective way to do this.  Keep the text of your posts short and sweet. People interact with visuals on Facebook and tend to overlook or ignore lengthy posts.

During my time managing the HIV Alliance fan page, I generated double the likes and shares of previous posts when posting images. Whether it was an infographic, quote graphic or pictures from an event, these posts sparked conversation among followers, as well as an increase in shares and likes. Creating original graphics that tell the story of your organization draws people in and helps them understand why they should care about what you’re doing.

>> Join the “Nonprofits on Facebook” Cause: If you haven’t already, join the Nonprofits on Facebook cause, a page with the mission of “bringing more social good to a connected world.” This page has resources for nonprofits to improve Facebook presence and better understand available tools. Posts highlight the work of nonprofits and can serve as inspiration for your Facebook strategy.

>> Encourage employee interaction: Employees of your nonprofit can help impact the success of your Facebook page. Encourage them to interact in the following ways to boost the reach of your page:

  • Share posts on personal Facebook accounts
  • Check-in to your workplace while at the office and during events
  • Comment on posts to spark conversations

It’s a simple formula: Increasing your shares will increase the amount of eyes on your page.

>> Warning: Do not use #hashtags: Avoid using hashtags on Facebook. Doing so can actually prevent your posts from being noticed. Edgerank Checker, a Facebook analytics firm, revealed that using hashtags on Facebook makes people less likely to engage with your posts and serves as a deterrent for interaction.  Save your hashtags for Twitter and Instagram, where they still have value!

What secrets for making the most of Facebook does your nonprofit keep?