Six years ago the iPhone didn’t exist and smart phones were an expensive novelty. Today, these and other mobile devices deliver almost 20% of all global web traffic.

However, the new smaller screens found on mobile devices have made many websites hard to use. Type chosen for large monitors becomes fine print on tiny screens. And mobile visitors now must pinch and push your organization’s web pages to find your donation button or other online forms.

You can meet the needs of your mobile traffic with a responsive design. This approach creates one layout for every screen and makes your online content easy to use no matter how people find you.

Here are three reasons why your nonprofit website needs a responsive design now.

1. Mobile is King

The office computer and the laptop at home are no longer the only way people use the Internet. Smart phones and other mobile devices are everywhere.

A 2013 survey found that 74 percent of Americans now use smart phones, and 52 percent have tablet computers. Yet, one study found that only 10 percent of U.S. websites were mobile ready in 2012.

2. People Are Online All Day Long

Americans now spend more time online – five-plus hours a day – than they do watching television.  Cell phones, tablets and other portable devices account for two hours and twenty-one minutes of that Internet time.

The trend is not likely to change given online media use by young people. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average young American spends almost every waking moment outside of a classroom using smart phones and other electronic devices.

3. You Can’t Predict Screen Size

It would be time consuming and insanely expensive to create unique website designs for every existing or future mobile device. According to “Social Media Today,” there are now 232 screen sizes available in different mobile devices and the number will only grow.

There’s no need to build hundreds of unique layouts for your website. With responsive design, you have a “one size fits all” solution that works.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a short list of easy fixes for responsive design from the team at nonprofithub. And here are 10 examples of responsive nonprofit websites from Liquid Light.

How has your organization made your website mobile ready? Leave your suggestions or questions in the comments below.