Hurry! You have until August 1 to vote for Team Prichard’s session at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, D.C., hosted by our friends at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).

Our session—How to Use Digital Publishing Tools to Get the People You Want to Reach to Find and Love Your Nonprofit’s Research—is inspired by the many nonprofit partners we’ve worked with over the years. One of the biggest challenges that we see nonprofits face time and again is turning their research, reports or evaluation into compelling stories for online platforms. Oftentimes, reports are just published on a website and not seen by anyone—no matter how compelling the findings. In our NTEN session, we’ll show nonprofits how to leverage old and new digital publishing tools like Facebook Video and LinkedIn Pulse, to promote your work and reach your audiences.

Even if you are not attending NTC, here are three reasons why you should vote for our session. Vote for our session by clicking this link.

1. We’ll Share Our Tips For Free

Following our NTC presentation, we’ll share the top digital publishing takeaways, tips and strategies right here on the blog, for free! If you vote for us and we are able to secure a session, we’ll repurpose that wealth of research and communications advice here on the Prichard blog, so that you can apply these learnings to your own work right away. We did this with our last presentation, sharing free and easy ways to add visual media to your nonprofit’s communications program.

2. We’ll Report Back on How Other Nonprofits Are Tackling This Problem

In 2015 we presented to more than 150 nonprofit leaders who attended our NTC session. We heard from dozens of these folks who asked questions during our session and shared their experiences with the topic. As a result, we gained new insight into how these leaders are using visual media in their communications, which offered inspiration for others in the room. If you vote for us, we’ll come back home with fresh knowledge and new ideas to share so you, too, can learn from these case studies.

3. Tune in Remotely

NTEN produces handy session notes for each session of the conference, so even if you cannot attend, you can still learn from contributors who did. Our session notes from our last presentation featured resource and highlights from the presentation that you can follow along with. Stay tuned on the NTEN website to find session notes for the upcoming conference once sessions are final. Additionally, Tony Martignetti of Nonprofit Radio typically attends the conference and interviews session hosts, publishing segments for you to tune into. Hear our 2015 interview segment here.