Blogs are a great tool to keep readers on your website engaged with exciting new content relevant to your industry. However, it can be a time-consuming challenge to consistently come up with new content to publish, which is one of the reasons we love guest bloggers. Guest bloggers not only free up your time; they also add a valuable perspective to issues your audience cares about.

Incorporate guest blogs into your online content strategy to help:

1. Build New Relationships and Partnerships

Those who contribute to your blog will enjoy increased exposure and added credibility, and your organization will benefit from having original content by a respected industry leader. This new relationship can pave the way to create strategic partnerships that will be useful to both parties.

2. Expand Your Audience 

When you have a guest blogger, their blog post isn’t just getting shared with your online audience; it’s also getting shared with theirs. This is extremely beneficial because it exposes potential new readers to your blog through someone they already find credible, and this in turn can draw more people to your cause. Capitalize on this increased exposure by sharing guest posts on social media. Make sure to tag the guest blogger’s name and/or organization to help expand your audience.

3. Provide a Valuable and Credible Online Resource to Your Community

Why search for news on animal rights or juvenile justice reform when target audiences can go to your nonprofit’s blog for top headlines and opinion pieces by thought leaders in the industry?

Guest bloggers help bolster the quality of the content you’re putting out, helping your blog to be seen as not just a news room for your nonprofit, but a credible online resource that members of your target audience look to for guidance and advice.

Have you invited guest bloggers to your site? What value have you found in including them?