There are many different aspects to a nonprofit organization: its mission, impact on society, community partnerships, volunteers, and programs. Pinterest is a growing social media platform that allows a nonprofit to share all of this–and more–online.

Pinterest is a virtual vision board or scrapbook that you can easily build while browsing the Internet by downloading the ‘Pin It!’ button to your browser’s toolbar. Pinterest allows you to create your own pinboards and follow others that share your interests.

Need some inspiration? Here are three nonprofits doing a great job on Pinterest, which is now the third largest social media site!

1. Charity:Water

One of my favorite nonprofits on Pinterest is Charity:Water because of its creative and engaging pinboards. My favorite board is their “Photo of the Day” which they use to share pictures of people–mostly young children–in developing nations enjoying clean water.

The Photo of the Day pinboard is an effective way to visually demonstrate Charity:Water’s mission to provide clean, safe water to those in need—and share with supporters how their contributions make a difference.

2.  Make-A-Wish America

The Make-A-Wish America Pinterest account is doing it all! Make-A-Wish has pinboards that showcase:

  • Personality and mission
  • Appreciation of its sponsors and partners
  • Coverage of every fundraiser and campaign
  • Donation opportunities

With pinboards such as “Wish Stories,” “Wishes in the News,” and “I AM #FacesofWishes,” followers can see exactly what Make-A-Wish is all about: enriching the lives of children dealing with life-threatening conditions.

 3. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Maintaining your account with consistent updates is important for the success of your nonprofit on Pinterest. With  863 pins, 19 boards, almost 2,000 followers, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is on it! The organization’s active presence on Pinterest engages its audience to like and repin its posts often, increasing its visibility and expanding its reach to more potential followers.

The PanCan Pinterest account also does an inspiring job of maintaining its brand identity in every pinboard by using its iconic shade of purple and unique slogan “PanCAN.”

What do you think makes a Pinterest account engaging? Share your Pinterest tips for nonprofits in the comments below!